Straight-Up Wall Chess Makes Knocking-Over Your King More Dramatic

Sure, these chess » 11/26/08 1:40pm 11/26/08 1:40pm sets aren't quite as neat as the vertical Tri-D chess in Star Trek, but by turning the game through 90 degrees and hanging it on the wall they do turn it into a sort of art masterpiece. That'd be assuming you play well—with my playing style it'd be more like a kid's painting disaster. Still, toppling…

Straight Up Lets You Straighten Your Hair on the Go

Being a male not based in the UK, I had no idea these straightening iron vending machines existed. Well, they do. Beautiful Vending installed 500 of these machines in various locales around the UK, allowing females—or males, if they want—to straighten their hair in 90 second intervals for a pound each ($1.85). » 10/16/06 5:45pm 10/16/06 5:45pm