Strange and Beautiful Underwater Photography Not Altogether Unlike…

Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov studied invertebrates at Moscow State University Moscow State with an emphasis in squid brains. Yeah! Squid brains. Pretty awesome. And that's only like the fifteenth coolest thing over at WonderHowTo, where you'll find an interview with Semenov along with some stunning images … » 4/19/11 12:20am 4/19/11 12:20am

Keyport Update: Refunds Issued, But They're Keeping Your Keys

Now we're not sure what's going on with Keyport now. Two weeks ago they managed to ship a unit to NOTCOT to fool around with, but apparently there's SOMETHING going on in the manufacturing process that makes it unsuitable for shipping it out to paying customers. Keyport told Josh five months after he paid and shipped… » 4/17/08 3:10pm 4/17/08 3:10pm

Extreme Hammocking

It's Friday. That means it's time to undo the tie and let loose a little bit. But this weekend let's do something slightly different: let's go hammocking—extreme hammocking. A website that's sure to become a cult favorite, extremehammock features a man in a snappy hat hammocking on location in various extreme locales,… » 6/23/06 11:00am 6/23/06 11:00am