13 of the Weirdest Computer Mice We've Ever Seen

Piano mysteriously washes ashore under NYC's Brooklyn Bridge

A baby grand piano has mysteriously appeared under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, right on the Manhattan side of the East River. Everyone in the city is speculating about its origin: Some people think it may be a viral marketing action, others think it may be an art project, but nobody really knows why or how it got… » 6/07/14 4:48pm 6/07/14 4:48pm

Scientists reveal origin of mysterious sea circles (spoiler: not human)

Scientists have finally unraveled the mystery of the strange crop circles that appeared off the coast of the Island of Møn, Denmark, in 2010. Unlike the crop circles on land, however, these are not made by humans. » 2/06/14 10:00pm 2/06/14 10:00pm

11 of the Weirdest Sites on the Internet

The internet is a wondrous place, but for every fantastic website out there, it seems like there are two weird ones. We asked you, dear readers, what some of the strangest sites you’ve ever seen were, and here’s what you dug up, you freaks. » 10/09/13 10:20am 10/09/13 10:20am

What's the Single Weirdest Website You've Ever Come Across?

The longer you've been wrapped up in the internet, but more crazy stuff you've seen. Everybody's got one or two really strange, totally bizarre website they like to trot out; they're like trading cards for web nerds. Now's the time, what's the single strangest site you've got in your arsenal? » 9/28/13 4:00pm 9/28/13 4:00pm

What the Hell Is That Weird Noise at the Oscars?

I flipped over to the Academy Awards because, I dunno, sometimes I just do things, but there is this weird sound happening throughout. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!? It sounds like somebody is playing Atari during all of the presenters and acceptance speeches. » 2/26/12 10:26pm 2/26/12 10:26pm

Strange and Beautiful Underwater Photography Not Altogether Unlike Your…

Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov studied invertebrates at Moscow State University Moscow State with an emphasis in squid brains. Yeah! Squid brains. Pretty awesome. And that's only like the fifteenth coolest thing over at WonderHowTo, where you'll find an interview with Semenov along with some stunning… » 4/19/11 12:20am 4/19/11 12:20am

The Weirdest Things That Get Dropped on New Years Eve

If you thought dropping Snooki was weird, you haven't seen the rest of America. Some cities drop really weird things on New Years Eve. How weird? How about bologna, sausage, a drag queen, a bag of chips and a possum?

» 12/31/10 9:00pm 12/31/10 9:00pm

Don't Worry About That Coyote, Chicago, He's Just Catching Rodents

There was a coyote running around downtown Chicago this weekend. Normally that'd be cause for concern, but in this case it's a GPS-outfitted coyote released by the city to eat rats and stuff. They promise it won't eat your kids! » 11/15/10 3:40pm 11/15/10 3:40pm

Beijing's IKEA Is Apparently a Great Place for a Snooze

Whenever I visit IKEA, I immediately tense up—ten thousand kinds of wardrobe! It fries the nerves. Not so in Beijing, where shoppers have appropriated the store as a serene, padded lounge—and are passed out all over the place. » 10/26/10 7:40pm 10/26/10 7:40pm

This Vending Machine Sells Live Crabs

I thought the Japanese banana vending machine we saw last week was pretty weird. But compared to this Chinese vending machine which dispenses ACTUAL LIVING CRABS in little plastic containers, well, yeah, a banana machine seems pretty reasonable. » 10/22/10 9:40am 10/22/10 9:40am

What Caused This iMac to Suddenly Start Smoking?

A reporter at Chinese tech news site, cnBeta, says he was just chatting away when white smoke started coming out from behind his iMac, turning black just as he cut the power. Here's the video he captured with his iPhone: » 8/27/09 7:24am 8/27/09 7:24am

That's Right Folks, This Beautiful Laptop Burqa Can Be Yours for Just…

Burqa: a robe worn by some Muslim women in public (mostly Afghanistan). But it's not some creepy cloak that connects to your hat so you can do who-knows-what on your laptop in public. » 8/26/09 3:16am 8/26/09 3:16am

Ill-Fated Input Devices: Wonderfully Strange, But Tragically Flawed

Harry McCracken over at Technologizer has put together a fun collection of weird and wonderful mouse patents, most of which fell off the conveyer belt somewhere between the drawing board and better judgment. » 8/06/09 11:20am 8/06/09 11:20am

A Man Needs a Mother - Japan's Otaku Culture Dumps the Maid

In a cafe deep in the heart of Amerikamura, Osaka, tables of otaku are sitting down to tea and cake with women old enough to be their mothers. Mother Café is an otaku fetishist establishment staffed with women that give off a motherly vibe; maid cafés are so yesterday.
» 4/17/08 11:10pm 4/17/08 11:10pm

Keyport Update: Refunds Issued, But They're Keeping Your Keys

Now we're not sure what's going on with Keyport now. Two weeks ago they managed to ship a unit to NOTCOT to fool around with, but apparently there's SOMETHING going on in the manufacturing process that makes it unsuitable for shipping it out to paying customers. Keyport told Josh five months after he paid and shipped… » 4/17/08 3:10pm 4/17/08 3:10pm

Security Camera Captures Image of Ghost?

A surveillance camera at a Parma, Ohio, gas station caught some footage of what appeared to be a ghost last Sunday, and passersby were immediately calling the blue cloud an angel, attributing it to buried Indians from long ago, and evoking all sorts of supernatural beings. » 11/13/07 2:30pm 11/13/07 2:30pm

Weird Combo of the Day: iPod Car Kit and a Diamond Watch?

Kelton from Albuquerque sends us today's Weird Combo of the Day he found at a local Macy's store: It's an iPod car kit that includes a free watch spangled with the cheapest rhinestones this side of the Rio Grande. How tacky! » 3/19/07 12:30pm 3/19/07 12:30pm

Mummified Body Found in Front of TV

In another odd story that further proves the fact that too much TV can't be healthy, a 70-year-old man was found dead in front of an extremely loud TV in his home in Hampton Bays, New York. The low humidity in his apartment mummified, or preserved, the body. The man, identified as Vincenzo Ricardo, had not been heard… » 2/19/07 12:15pm 2/19/07 12:15pm

The Sensor Clock: Please Keep Jokes to a Minimum

Maybe in eastern Asia they're a little more comfortable with making consumer electronics in the shape of...well, body parts, which may explain how the Sensor Clock came about. Aside from looking sort of like "that," it does actually have some uses. The three "windows" (excuse the Google translation) show time,… » 6/29/06 6:00pm 6/29/06 6:00pm