Mom Finds Macabre Use for Useless Cellphone Straps, Kills Son

You only have to take one look at this spent piece of used trash to know that nothing good can come out of her petrol eyes and twisted gesture. Kaoru Tomiishi is her name, and she has admitted that she killed her 6-year-old son with a cellphone strap, probably the most inane and naff cheapo object of modern culture.… » 9/23/08 8:30am 9/23/08 8:30am

Portable Subway Strap Prevents False Groping Accusations

I've never been to Tokyo, but I hear they have a bit of a problem with crowded subway trains —a fact brought up countless times as I traveled from Gizmodo HQ to the convention center during CES. Needless to say, I heard "It feels like Tokyo in here" more than once. Thankfully, these packed trains did not result in a… » 1/14/08 7:10pm 1/14/08 7:10pm

USB Connectors Finally Give Cellphone Straps a Purpose

Sure, straps can be handy for those of us with overly buttery fingers, but for the rest of us they serve little purpose (unless being massively annoying is considered a purpose). However, the folks at WirelessGround may have changed all that with their new USB enabled Leather Hand Strap. The idea is simple —a strap… » 11/15/07 7:30pm 11/15/07 7:30pm

Cellphone/Camera Strap Man Eats, Vomits SD Cards

Carrying around a spare SD, miniSD or microSD card in your pocket is just asking for accidental misplacement. But this little SD Card-eating man is the perfect thing to keep your memory cards close to your cellphone and camera while livening it up at the same time. Fun and practical, something those those sexy lingerie … » 8/20/07 4:00pm 8/20/07 4:00pm

Crazy Ass Solid Alliance Makes Aura Monitor Cellphone Strap

We love a crazy company like Solid Alliance that takes chances and does insane things much more than a company that just plays it safe and throws out yet another me too device and hopes it sells. Following up on their USB Food Hub and Food-shaped Flash Drives, SA's just released an Aura Monitor cellphone strap. » 4/23/07 8:30pm 4/23/07 8:30pm

Spare Battery Cellphone Strap: There When You Need It

The only thing I don't like about thin phones is the perpetually run-down battery pack. We've seen fuel cell, solar, and USB battery packs for your phone. But this remote cell charger is guaranteed to present when you need it, by virtue of its strap. And I'd like it a lot more if it came with a plug for phones sold in… » 2/26/07 6:00am 2/26/07 6:00am