Japan Only: Solar Charger Cellphone Charm

Strap-Ya has accomplished what we thought was impossible; they've created a useful cellphone charm: a small solar cell that retains energy for when your handset is out of juice. Simply clip it in, and it will give you the vital power boost in your second of need. If the sun is playing away from home, the solar charger… » 2/05/08 5:25am 2/05/08 5:25am

Strapya Message Fan Proves That Your Personal Message Blows

It's the dog days of summer, folks, so we're going to need to do whatever we can to stay cool. This Strapya Message Fan makes sure you can get blown whenever you want, and lets you express yourself, too. Enter your favorite message into the fan, and there it is, showing up like magic through the miracle of LEDs. » 8/08/07 11:45am 8/08/07 11:45am