An Adorable Strawberry Knife That Feeds My Unfortunate Kitchen Gadget Addiction

My kitchen is the size of a walk-in closet and has less drawer space than the dresser in my bedroom. But does that stop the constant influx of novelty kitchen gadgets and uni-tasking tools? Seemingly not. I don't even really like strawberries, but that doesn't mean I won't be finding a spot to cram this cute and… »9/27/12 4:00pm9/27/12 4:00pm

These Robotic Eyes Can Spot the Ripest Strawberries of the Patch

It's easy for people and most animals to tell the difference between ripe and unripe strawberries—just look for the red ones. But for robots, that's no simple feat. So researchers at the National Physical Laboratory have developed a four-part technology to teach robots how to pick only the sweetest berries. »10/27/11 11:30am10/27/11 11:30am