You Will Regret Handing Out Slide Whistle Straws At Your Next Party

Like the harmonica, the slide whistle is one instrument you need no skill to play—you just blow in one end, and slide the other in and out. Unfortunately, that means that handing out a bunch of these adorable Wet My Whistle musical straws at your next get-together will result in a room full of amateur musicians trying… »8/01/14 2:05pm8/01/14 2:05pm


Straw Lamp Seems Like a Sucky Art Project (In a Good Way)

If you've got 1,500 straws lying around the house—and i mean, who doesn't—then boy do we have the project for you! The straw lamp can be a unique addition to your decor throuh what looks like a few hours of work that requires little to no coordination. (Essentially, you stick the straws into a cylindrical mesh and… »8/21/08 1:00pm8/21/08 1:00pm