Narrative Is A Lifelogging Camera That's Finally Happening

In March we covered Memoto, a lifelogging camera that takes two photos a minute while you're wearing it. It was in the preorder stage then and with $500,000 more than expected from its November Kickstarter, it had an ambitious April shipping timeframe. Which obviously didn't happen. BUT now it's actually going to ship… » 10/06/13 6:51pm 10/06/13 6:51pm

Watch NASA Livestream Its Two Lunar Satellites Slam Into the Moon…

Twin NASA orbiters Ebb and Flow have done a fantastic job of mapping lunar gravity at accuracy down to the micron, but that job is over now. The pair won't get to go into any sort of retirement though; instead, tonight, they'll fly straight into the moon. And NASA's going to livestream it. Here's where and when to… » 12/17/12 4:52pm 12/17/12 4:52pm

Viacom Asks Cablevision to Remove Content from Their iPad App, Too

Right on the heels of the Time Warner/Viacom debacle, Cablevision's live TV-streaming app has now gotten caught in the crosshairs too. Viacom claims that the Cablevision iPad app does not honor distribution agreements, and they've asked the cable company to remove content from their iPad app. Meanwhile, Cablevision… » 4/11/11 6:26pm 4/11/11 6:26pm

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Streams from Hard Drives on the…

Western Digital, better known for storage than HD video equipment, looks to have thrown their hat into the video streaming ring with the WD TV HD Media Player. With two USB 2.0 drives working simultaneously, you can plug in your USB storage and stream to your HDTV in 1080p over HDMI or composite. The diminutive box… » 11/01/08 8:00pm 11/01/08 8:00pm

Aerielle's i2i Hangs From Neck, Shares Music With Your Hot Friends

We've all been there, lying in our bikinis thinking, "Why on earth can't I wirelessly transmit the sexy songs I'm listening to to my super sexy friends?" This common dilemma provoked Aerielle to launch the i2i Stream, a lightweight matchbox that can "send or receive CD quality sound up to 30 feet wirelessly." The idea… » 12/21/07 9:52am 12/21/07 9:52am