HBO Now Review: It Passed the Game of Thrones Test, But Is That Enough?

I still remember that terrible night in 2011 when millions of fans screamed in agony as Game of Thrones started, stuttered, and died on HBO Go. We all felt burned by HBO’s crappy internet service. But HBO Now, launched just in time for last night’s GOT premiere, promised to be better. Was it? Yes. »4/13/15 5:00pm4/13/15 5:00pm

Here's Why Roku Has A Chance To Win The Streaming Wars

The single best reason to buy a Roku? You’re looking at it. Roku is the only streaming media box that does all the comparison shopping for you. Why pay $3 to rent a movie when you can stream it with your existing Netflix plan, or on Crackle for free? And soon, Roku’s comparison shopping will become more powerful than… »4/06/15 9:33pm4/06/15 9:33pm

Rdio's Spotify-ish Streaming Service Open for Three-Day Trials

Rdio, the all-you-can-eat music streaming service that we've previously showed you in screenshots, no longer requires an invite, or even a credit card, to try out for three days free. After that, it's $5 per month for desktop and browser access, and $10 per month for streaming and offline access on iPhones, Android,… »8/03/10 4:20pm8/03/10 4:20pm