Which Hulu Bidder Should You Be Rooting For?

Hulu has been for sale for awhile now, but the WSJ says the initial bids are about to trickle in. Who's interested? Google, Yahoo, Amazon and DirectTV (where's Microsoft?). » 8/22/11 10:43am 8/22/11 10:43am

Dear Apple, Can You Just Buy Hulu? Please?

Hulu needs owners who aren't ancient and terrible. Apple needs a streaming video service that isn't ancient and terrible. So based on those unconfirmed reports that Apple is interested in buying Hulu, I have only one demand: DO IT. » 7/22/11 11:11am 7/22/11 11:11am

Apple TVs Don't Need Dedicated Carrying Cases

There may come a time, when you have to transport your Apple TV from point A to point B. Will you really need a specialized $45 case for that purpose? Something tells me no. [SF Bags via CrunchGear] » 7/06/11 1:20pm 7/06/11 1:20pm

Google Wants to Buy Hulu?!

If it's true that Google really wants to buy Hulu, is it possible the streaming television will harmoniously exist under the same roof as YouTube? Will it be like Stepbrothers, where they initially hate each other, then end up best friends? » 7/01/11 1:56pm 7/01/11 1:56pm

Could Hulu Selling Itself Actually Be Good for Content?

Both CNBC and Wall Street journal reporters have sources telling them Hulu received an offer to be bought out, and now they're considering it. The main consequence of such a sale would would revolve around network and cable television content on the site. » 6/21/11 5:43pm 6/21/11 5:43pm

Tizi Puts Live TV on iPads With Just a Little Black Box

You can get live TV on your iPad with EyeTV just fine, but that requires streaming from a computer. Not so with Tizi, which packs it all into a tiny box that works from anywhere—in select European countries. » 11/03/10 2:20pm 11/03/10 2:20pm

Fox Mobile Group's Bitbop: On-Demand TV For Your Smartphone

Fox Mobile Group today announced Bitbop, a wireless subscription service that brings "premium" video content to your smartphone. It'll cost $10 per month, and it's the next best thing until a Hulu app gets here. Which, hey, still waiting! » 3/24/10 8:55pm 3/24/10 8:55pm