What the Inside of Google's Chromecast Looks Like

Curious as to what's hiding inside the Google Chromecast dongle? Thanks to the FCC, we don't have to wonder what the Chromecast is packing anymore. There's a Marvell DE3005 chip and an AzurWare chip to take care of Wi-Fi duties, according to Anandtech. FCC documents actually show Chromecast details in May, with… » 7/24/13 9:08pm 7/24/13 9:08pm

You'd Be Crazy Not to Buy Google Chromecast (SUPER SAD UPDATE)

Google's relationship with television is spotty, at best. Google TV, whether as a set-top box or as a built-in product, has been an ongoing punchline. It didn't even sell television shows in the Play Store until a year ago. But Chromecast is different. It's Google's cross-platform answer to AirPlay, a video-friendly… » 7/24/13 2:02pm 7/24/13 2:02pm

Sony Is Going to Make a Cable Killing Streaming TV Service Later This…

Variety reports that one of Sony's big fish announcements this year will be a broadband TV service that'll compete directly with cable. The TV service will offer multiple channels licensed from different content companies and will stream over the Internet. Meaning there would be no more need for cable. Meaning awesome. » 1/03/13 6:44pm 1/03/13 6:44pm

The Good Wife, Where Computers...Save the Day. Just Like in The Good…

You might think the TV show The Good Wife is best suited to middle-aged women (so much so that my fiance enforces reference restraint when we're out with friends). Seriously though, it's one of the best shows on TV. Character Depth! Complex, contemporary issues! And tons of tech. Bear with me. » 2/04/12 9:00pm 2/04/12 9:00pm