Juggling looks way harder when you see it from a juggler's POV

Juggling might be the most fun useless skill to have. People who can't juggle see it as some impossible trick while those who have mastered the skill can see through the flying orb planets as some easy math problem. Just check out the view from a juggler's perspective. For me, a non-juggler, it looks like the ball is… » 4/09/14 10:02pm 4/09/14 10:02pm

5-Wheeled Bike Let You Do Stunts, Look Like a Tool

If our mothers taught us anything, it was that more is always better—especially when it comes to number of wheels in our transportation devices. This Street Surfer, which neither surfs nor belongs on the actual streets, is a bike in the back but a party up front. What do the four wheels allow you to do that one big… » 9/13/07 4:30pm 9/13/07 4:30pm

Street Muttz: Badass Toy Dogs (Many From Street)

A Street Mutt is like any other toy stray dog "hoping that you'll give him a warm home and rescue him from the mean streets." How is one rewarded for such toy philanthropy (other than a sure seat in toy K9 heaven)? Featuring motion sensing, the dogs will make sounds of panting/whimpering/growling as you approach. » 11/04/06 1:50pm 11/04/06 1:50pm