City street lights video feels like travelling through hyperspace

I stopped paying attention to the time, didn't care about where I was and got lost in the lights when I was watching this video, Eye Know, directed by Hiroshi Kondo. It's amazing. You start by moving through a city at night and following the street lights and end up feeling like you're doing drugs on warp drive. »9/03/14 12:25am9/03/14 12:25am

How LED Streetlights Will Change Cinema (And Make Cities Look Awesome)

The decision by the city of Los Angeles last year to replace its high-pressure sodium streetlights—known for their distinctive yellow hue—with new, blue-tinted LEDs might have a profound effect on at least one local industry. All of those LEDs, with their new urban color scheme, will dramatically change how the city… »2/03/14 12:00pm2/03/14 12:00pm

Self-Contained Solar-Powered Streetlights Stay Completely Off the Grid

Those long dark stretches of highway out in the middle of nowhere without any streetlights might soon be a thing of the past thanks to the engineers and designers at the Netherlands-based Kaal Masten. They've created the Spirit, a standalone solar-powered streetlight that gets all the energy it needs from the sun, so… »10/16/13 3:06pm10/16/13 3:06pm

Prisma LED Streetlights: Light in Three Directions, Pays For Itself With Advertising

Thanks to LEDs, the boring old streetlight is getting a fresh look »8/26/08 3:30pm8/26/08 3:30pm from designers all over the world. Agustin Otegui's "Prisma" concept is among these new designs, and in addition to LEDs and solar power, it features a unique 3-way light system that allows for 30-degree customization in either direction. That means…

Baltimore Teaches Streetlight Cameras to Shout At, Take Pictures of Anything That Moves

Bold thievery runs rampant in the streets of Baltimore, where 136 streetlights have been stolen in the past few months. How to deal with this larceny? That's easy, do something indiscriminate and stupid. Train five solar-powered cameras on the remaining streetlights, and teach those cameras to cry out when they see… »3/03/06 10:12am3/03/06 10:12am