Badass Oakley Roddler Stroller Gives Your Kid an Early Chip on His Shoulder

If you're looking to start your kid off with both a tough-guy attitude as well as an air of entitlement, you can't go wrong with the ludicrous Oakley Roddler stroller. While it's a concept that's apparently "inspired" by Oakley, it looks more inspired by a combo of overpriced strollers and military aircraft. … » 11/20/08 1:00pm 11/20/08 1:00pm

Metrolla Strolla: Baby Stroller Gets Some Height Added

The stroller has undergone a radical redesign with this concept by designers Dan Levin and Evan Garrett, which places the baby passenger at almost normal eye-height. The design has sprung legs for ride comfort, and the seat unplugs so you can mount it easily on your bike too. Seems like a great idea, and frees the kid… » 3/31/08 7:31am 3/31/08 7:31am

Star Wars Stroller Gives Lucky Kid Galactic Treatment

The manhunt has begun. The mission? Find the guy who built this stroller that just might be the coolest way to get around—for someone who can barely walk, that is. Spotted at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, the littlest Imperial-to-be was carted around in his own ATAT. Thingamababy, with the help of… » 6/20/07 5:46pm 6/20/07 5:46pm