This crazy bridge in Japan looks more like a terrifying roller coaster

If you look straight onto the Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan, the ridiculously steep incline makes it look more like a roller coaster than a road for cars to drive on. I mean, come on, would you want to drive on that road? It’s basically a highway to outer space, a shortcut to vomiting from nausea. »5/01/15 8:40pm5/01/15 8:40pm

Putting 900 Pounds of Explosives Below an Abandoned Suburb For Science

It's not every day that the average person gets to blow something up at their job. Even rarer: Getting to blow up the neighborhood where you used to live. But as Next City reports today, that's exactly what happened to the last remaining resident of an abandoned suburb that served as the testing ground for an… »8/08/14 2:32pm8/08/14 2:32pm

An Ode to the Decaying Playgrounds That Pepper America's Lawns

Growing up in a city or suburb, the playground was an indispensable part of childhood recreation. But the slides, swings, and see-saws you remember from decades ago barely resemble modern playground equipment. The photography in Brenda Biondo's Once Upon a Playground captures the faded glory of the 20th century relics. »5/30/14 6:47pm5/30/14 6:47pm

Christo's Gigantic Indoor Balloon Will Dwarf the Senses

The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude have been staging large-scale site-specific art installations for decades. These projects have ranged from a red curtain spanning a Colorado valley, entire buildings literally wrapped in fabric, and thousands of orange gates lining Central Park in NYC. They are all grandiose—and… »3/19/13 4:40pm3/19/13 4:40pm

Shang-Highed: On Top of the World's Tallest Observatory

It's an unfortunately foggy morning in Shanghai, but from where I am, the crappy weather only adds to the feeling of standing in the middle of clouds. I'm towering almost half a kilometer over the rest of the city, on the highest man-made observation deck in the world, the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial… »11/05/08 12:00pm11/05/08 12:00pm

Flying Cars, Cloud Cities and Other Forgotten Inventions of Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller might best be known for the molecules named after him and dome designs that inspired structures such as the Epcot center. But even more impressive is The New Yorker's rundown of Fuller's life and forgotten inventions, such as his three-wheeled, all-terrain car with a periscope, cities designed to… »6/02/08 11:00pm6/02/08 11:00pm