How Many Lego Bricks Would It Take to Build Famous Sci-Fi Structures and Vehicles

It’s hard to truly grasp the size of famous science fiction megastructures like the Death Star or the Halo ring and basically impossible to understand how big the Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise is because they all exist in different universes, which sadly isn’t the same one we exist in. If only we could look…


This Tunnel Put Together Like Lego Bricks Impossibly Sticks Together with No Support

Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit this: I feel slightly less comfortable when I’m under a tunnel than when I’m not. It’s not that I think that the tunnel will collapse on me but it’s because I know the sky absolutely won’t. This tunnel would put my fear into overdrive because this one looks like it would totally collapse…

An Ode to the Decaying Playgrounds That Pepper America's Lawns

Growing up in a city or suburb, the playground was an indispensable part of childhood recreation. But the slides, swings, and see-saws you remember from decades ago barely resemble modern playground equipment. The photography in Brenda Biondo's Once Upon a Playground captures the faded glory of the 20th century relics.