Fees. Scalpers. Scams. Why Buying Concert Tickets Sucks So Hard.

On September 26th at 10:00 AM, thousands upon thousands of fans—how many we'll never know—hit refresh on their browsers and converged upon Ticketmaster's servers like a denial-of-service attack. They were desperate for the chance to see Radiohead play one of a pair of shows at the Roseland Ballroom—a rare club show.… » 10/12/11 10:00am 10/12/11 10:00am

StubHub Lets You Buy Tickets from Your Android Phone

Whenever I want to see the Knicks play, I have only one routine: check StubHub. Sometimes I explore eBay or delve off in the deep end of Craigslist or even screw myself on the team website but I always, always use StubHub first to see what the prices are like. And after having their app available on iPhone, StubHub… » 3/10/11 9:40pm 3/10/11 9:40pm