Apple 'Back to School' Deal Is Back: Free 8GB Touch With Any Mac

Terms of Apple's 2009 "Back to School" deal have been announced, and contrary to rumors, don't include a discount for the iPhone. Like last year, students are entitled to a free 8GB iPod Touch (UPDATE: Or any other iPod under $229) with the purchase of any MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro, on top of the regular student… » 5/27/09 7:57am 5/27/09 7:57am

Auto-Paparazzi Likes Celebrity Cleavage as Much as You

At last night's ITP Grad Show at NYU, we saw this super-sweet project that essentially creates robotic paparazzi. It's a smart robot, as it knows what humans like: skin, and lots of it. It has sensors that detect how much skin someone is showing, and it takes more pictures and yells at them more as a result. Check… » 5/09/07 5:15pm 5/09/07 5:15pm