Apple 'Back to School' Deal Is Back: Free 8GB Touch With Any Mac

Terms of Apple's 2009 "Back to School" deal have been announced, and contrary to rumors, don't include a discount for the iPhone. Like last year, students are entitled to a free 8GB iPod Touch (UPDATE: Or any other iPod under $229) with the purchase of any MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro, on top of the regular student… » 5/27/09 7:57am 5/27/09 7:57am

High School Student Builds 100% Wooden Bike

16 year-old Marco Facciola built this completely wooden bike for a school project, managing to avoid using any metal at all. Yes, this wooden wheeled wonder even has a chain and gearing made of wood, held together with wooden joints and glue. The detail in the free-wheeling ratchet and spacers between the chain links,… » 1/25/08 5:24am 1/25/08 5:24am

Auto-Paparazzi Likes Celebrity Cleavage as Much as You

At last night's ITP Grad Show at NYU, we saw this super-sweet project that essentially creates robotic paparazzi. It's a smart robot, as it knows what humans like: skin, and lots of it. It has sensors that detect how much skin someone is showing, and it takes more pictures and yells at them more as a result. Check… » 5/09/07 5:15pm 5/09/07 5:15pm

Student Projects: ITP Spring Show 2007

It's springtime at New York University, which means the students in the Interactive Telecommunications Program truck out their graduation projects. These range from conceptual artworks (like Andrew Schneider's "Experimental Devices for Performance" shown above) to innovative interfaces and games. This gallery shows… » 5/08/07 10:41pm 5/08/07 10:41pm