Breaking Un-News: Fox to Not Ditch Blu-ray [UPDATED: Fox MGM Announce 29 New Titles]

Perhaps in spin-response to the Paramount news from this AM, a Blu ray Consortium rep just called me to tell me Fox is supporting Blu-ray. What's weird is that they're already supposed to be supporting Blu-ray. I guess the "news" is that Fox isn't ditching Blu-ray, as it seemed they were going to since they haven't… »8/20/07 3:20pm8/20/07 3:20pm


State of High Definition: Who's Winning the Studio Support War?

Click to viewNow that Paramount and Dreamworks Animation have just announced they will exclusively support the HD DVD format, we thought it was time to revisit the current status of studio support for both Blu-ray and HD DVD. At last check, Blu-ray had all but a few studios locked down in their camp, with HD DVD… »8/20/07 2:30pm8/20/07 2:30pm