Conquer Your Fear of Flying With This Brave Transforming Bear Pillow

For some people the thought of trusting their lives to a long metal tube soaring 30,000 feet above the earth causes some concern. But unless you're living the life of a hermit, flying is hard to avoid. So for a confidence boost—and a comfy way to sleep away the miles—this tiny plush bear is the perfect travel companion »4/09/15 9:48am4/09/15 9:48am

Seeing Old and Torn Stuffed Animals Is Sort of Horrifying

When you're a kid, sometimes the only friend you have is a stuffed animal. It's always with you—when you eat, when you sleep, when you play—and all those years take a toll on a fake teddy bear! These pictures show the after effects of teddy bears and stuffed animals who were loved too much. It's a little heartbreaking? »12/05/12 10:20pm12/05/12 10:20pm