Case solved: This is the true color of that goddamn white and gold dress

In what may be the biggest case of mass hysteria ever experienced in the history of the internet, everyone in the planet speculated tonight about what's the color of a stupid dress. Some people even claimed it changed color.* Others looked for Photoshop analysis or scientific explanations. Here is the true color. » 2/27/15 12:24am 2/27/15 12:24am

Hilarious conspiracy film links Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect with 9/11

I love/hate documentaries like Room 237, which presents crazy fans' conspiracy theories about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (like the idea that the Moon landings were a hoax filmed by Kubrick himself.) That's why I love this parody connecting the surprisingly successful musical Pitch Perfect with 9/11. » 11/26/14 10:10pm 11/26/14 10:10pm

5 Awesomely Terrible Hacks From the World's Stupidest Hackathon

Most hackathons are where brilliant minds come together to try and invent something amazing that can maybe change the world. This is not one of those hackathons. This is the Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon. » 11/18/14 11:00am 11/18/14 11:00am

Human stupidity gone viral makes for brilliant organ donor ads

Belgium-based ad agency Duval-Guillaume has a new clever campaign using human life-risking stupidity gone viral to raise awareness about organ donation. I can imagine the concept working perfectly with those daredevil videos we sometimes post in Sploid. » 10/17/14 11:25am 10/17/14 11:25am

Is this the worst and most hilarious art theft ever? Yes, yes it is

Police have released this hilarious security camera video of a young man trying to steal an art piece that commemorates World War I from the Castle Fine Art Gallery in Birmingham, England. Obviously, the gallery's security staff caught him as he stepped out of the museum. » 9/18/14 7:15pm 9/18/14 7:15pm

English giant fart machine is so loud they heard it in France

Well, he did it! That crazy genius of Colin Furze did it. The biggest fart machine ever created was a resounding success: He fired the giant butt at France from Dover, England, and it was reportedly heard across the English Channel by at least two people in Pas-de-Calais—four miles away. » 7/25/14 7:04pm 7/25/14 7:04pm

Death metal band will play in this sealed metal box until they pass out

British death metal band Unfathomable Ruination has scheduled a series of shows in central London next week wherein spectators won't be able to hear them play: They will play inside this perfectly sealed metal box until they pass out because of the lack of oxygen. That's so fucking metal. » 7/04/14 1:26am 7/04/14 1:26am

Guys transform old Cadillac into world's fastest hot tub

Many years ago these two engineers drank a keg of beer and decided to transform a 1969 Cadillac into the fastest hot tub in the planet. After several attempts their carpool is ready—now they are asking for your help to take their invention to the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, and set their silly speed record. » 7/04/14 1:08am 7/04/14 1:08am

Movie lines ridiculously edited by TV censors

I can understand adjusting movie formats to fit a screen. I can understand bleeping offensive words on regular networks. But changing entire iconic lines from movies like The Departed, Scarface, The Usual Suspects, or Pulp Fiction into absolutely ridiculous stuff is almost offensively stupid—and hilarious. » 6/18/14 8:50pm 6/18/14 8:50pm

100 ways to hit someone on the groin in 80 seconds

I didn't know about YouTube comedy series Enter the Dojo so, when I first saw this absurd video on 100 ways to attack the groin, I thought it was real. I blame Karate Kid and its stereotypical portrayal of America's suburban mall martial art gyms and the people that populate them. » 6/12/14 10:37pm 6/12/14 10:37pm

Reckless biker escapes death five times in just a few seconds

Those Russian kids may be crazy but, if they fall from the top of those buildings and towers, it will be their problem. One day, they may make a mistake, fall, splat against the ground, and that would be it. This reckless biker, however, is playing with his life and the life of others, at least missing five collisions… » 6/02/14 1:23am 6/02/14 1:23am

Watching adorable dogs kissing for the first ti—ok, that's enough

OK, folks, we started this whole strangers kissing viral craze and we have had enough of it. This video of dogs kissing for the first time is the end of this stupid trend. They are not models and they like to sniff each other's butts and that's all we need. Enough is enough, people. Carry on. » 3/15/14 2:12am 3/15/14 2:12am

Ellen DeGeneres used an iPhone backstage instead of that Samsung

The Oscars 2014 feel like (are?) a commercial for Samsung, with Ellen DeGeneres flashing a Galaxy Note and taking selfies left right and center. It's ridiculous. Backstage? She actually used her iPhone, of course. PR people will never learn. » 3/02/14 10:38pm 3/02/14 10:38pm

This dude has eaten only cheese pizza for the last 25 years

This is Dan, a 38-old-year old woodworker from Maryland who claims he has only eaten pizza for the last 25 years. Cheese pizza. Exclusively. He says he didn't stop eating it despite being diagnosed with diabetes. That's when doctors told him he had to change his diet if he didn't want to lose his life or his limbs. » 3/01/14 2:26am 3/01/14 2:26am

Psycho human dragged his head on the ground on a motorcycle turn

Christ. An awesome lunatic wasn't happy with just dragging his knee while making a high speed motorcycle turn so he decided to lay his head and drag that on the gravel too. Because, well, there's nothing cooler (or more out there) than scraping your noggin' on the street while going well past the reasonable speed… » 1/23/14 7:30pm 1/23/14 7:30pm

Stop retweeting Justin Bieber's stupid mugshot already

Ryan Broderick is in hell now. I'm in hell now. You're probably in hell. Because hell is seeing everyone retweet the stupid mugshot of stupid Justin Bieber as he stupidly ruins his stupid life while stupidly thinking he's as cool as Johnny Cash. Poor delussional broken toy. » 1/23/14 11:28am 1/23/14 11:28am

Bacon-scented dryer sheets are a great idea, right?

The funny thing about these bacon-scented dryer sheets—and wall dispenser!—is that some smart entrepreneur is probably making a real version of this new prank pack in somewhere in Brooklyn. But the one I really want to be real is the NapSack. » 12/02/13 9:43am 12/02/13 9:43am

Car for soccer moms and FBI agents has 6 USB ports and 6 power outlets

This horrible new tank—the shamelessly named 2015 Chevy Suburban—is the only car with six USB ports and six power outlets. Doesn't that sound stupidly overkill? Not in suburban America! Just imagine all those kids playing Candy Crush on their iPads while they are not using the USB ports for their surveillance… » 9/12/13 3:26pm 9/12/13 3:26pm

Some Brilliant Idiot Made the Android KitKat Logo in 3D and It's Great

Some things are just too dumb to not be fun. Here's the Android KitKat logo, in 3D, which you can drag around and spin in circles, for no reason at all, except that it's the funnest. » 9/04/13 4:34pm 9/04/13 4:34pm