Stylophone iPhone App Will Add Much-Needed Kraftwerkian Essence To Your Life

Finally, my bedroom recreations of "Pocket Calculator" (nay, Taschenrechner »10/14/08 10:10am10/14/08 10:10am) will be blessed with the added touch of reality they so obviously deserve: a , the late-60s pantheon of touch-controlled synthesizers, is coming to the App Store in December for $6. Music geeks are on this platform, and I like it.Yep,…

Stylophone, Scourge of Seventies Britain, is Back, Back, BACK!

Rather like the kazoo, the Stylophone is what you might term a "musical" "instrument." The farty-bontempi sound was a feature of school playgrounds up and down the land—and even David Bowie used one on Space Oddity. And then, suddenly, rather like white dog poo, and "I choked Linda Lovelace" T-shirts, the Stylophone… »4/04/08 6:34am4/04/08 6:34am