The Prettiest iPad Drawing App Now Has the Prettiest Stylus Companion

Have you used Paper by 53 Design? It's that iPad drawing app that is so decked out in pretty, design-y, feel-good-ness that it makes all who use it feel like Matisse. Well, now its creators have put out an equally gorgeous stylus. » 11/19/13 9:00am 11/19/13 9:00am

Griffin's Glowing iPad Stylus Lets Kids Draw Without Banging Up the…

Children are drawn to the iPad like flies to honey, but children are also notoriously bad at taking care of their toys. And if the thought of a young'n bashing away at your tablet's display with a pen leaves you anxious, Griffin's got you covered with a glowing stylus that lets them draw in mid-air. » 1/06/13 11:26am 1/06/13 11:26am

Pressure-Sensitive Stylus Turns Your iPad Into a Wacom Tablet

Back in March, we saw a sneak preview of Ten One Design's slick pressure-sensing touchscreen stylus—code named the Blue Tiger. But the company has finally revealed that the Bluetooth-connected stylus is now officially known as the Pogo Connect and, it will have a couple of new tricks up its sleeve when it becomes… » 9/05/12 4:00pm 9/05/12 4:00pm

The First Pressure-Sensitive iPad Stylus Might Just Outperform Your…

Ten One Design's Pogo was one of the first styluses designed for use with iOS devices. But compared to the company's new pressure-sensitive super stylus code-named the Blue Tiger, the Pogo looks like something cavemen would have used on their stone tablets. » 3/05/12 10:40pm 3/05/12 10:40pm

The Funnest and Most Kiddy-Friendly iPad Stylus Of All Is Now On Sale

As Griffin says, there are heaps of coloring-in apps for the iPad, but only one has had the official thumb's up from Crayola. Griffin's own Crayola ColorStudio HD, natch. After its CES debut the app-and-stylus combo has finally gone on sale, for $30. [Griffin via Cnet] » 7/07/11 4:00am 7/07/11 4:00am

Robotic Lego Arm Stress-Tests the Kno Tablet Over and Over Again

That overpriced, oversized Kno tablet? A video look-behind-the-scenes has revealed some high-tech testing equipment—namely, a Lego robotic-arm used to test the touchscreens and ambient light sensors. Wicked sideburns on the Lego robot's human-overlord too, I might add. [YouTube] » 1/31/11 5:40am 1/31/11 5:40am