All Along, That Wasn't Really Styrofoam

Dow Chemical Company would like to clear up a massive misunderstanding. STYROFOAM™, registered trademark, is not the foamy white stuff that makes up coffee cups or takeout trays or packing peanuts or egg cartons or even movie props. No, STYROFOAM™ usually comes in light blue sheets, and real STYROFOAM™ is used for… » 12/19/13 11:00am 12/19/13 11:00am

The Styrobot Wants to Rule Your Cups and Packaging

There's really nothing great that can be done with Styrofoam other than not produce it in the first place, but in lieu of recycling it or throwing it away, one man and his son, inspired by this artwork » 9/03/08 8:45am 9/03/08 8:45am, took 5 years worth of Styrofoam packaging and did the next most logical thing—built a giant robot.Assembled from 5…

Styrofoam Homes Are Typhoon-Resistant, Refillable with People or Coffee

Styrofoam homes may sound like a recipient for disaster, but Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. thinks they're the future. A future in which all of us will be hobbits or smurfs. Made with 7-inch-thick 100% expanded polystyrene foam modules, the company says that they don't have the maintenance problems of wood or metal… » 8/08/08 7:04am 8/08/08 7:04am

Gigantic Million-Piece LEGO Boulder Actually Has Styrofoam Core

You know that gigantic LEGO Indiana Jones boulder? Turns out that only the outside is LEGO. The inside (based on this photo) is made of styrofoam. We suppose that it would be way too cost-prohibitive to build the entire boulder out of LEGO, but that doesn't make us any less disappointed. [Photo Credit - Thanks Mike!] » 5/19/08 5:40pm 5/19/08 5:40pm