How to Turn Your New Car into an Adventuremobile

I just bought the first car I've owned in 13 years and decided to break it in properly over the weekend. Ingredients for this adventure included: Death Valley, being naked around your friends and a bunch of crusty hippies, hot springs, Unimogs full of twinks, mushrooms and 125 miles of off-roading. » 2/16/15 7:00pm 2/16/15 7:00pm

This video of a car hitting a dog is not what it seems

I will not spoil the ending of this Russian dashcam video, so you have to watch the entire video till the very end. Trust me, you will really enjoy this—a lot. » 4/23/14 7:56pm 4/23/14 7:56pm

Ask the Singularity University Team How They See the Future [UPDATED]


[Update: comments are now closed] The singularity may a nebulous, ominous concept, but there are many groups working in the present to bring us closer to this future state, and ensure that we're prepared to make the most of it when we get there. Singularity University (SU) is one such organization, and Rob Nail (CEO… » 3/28/14 12:06pm 3/28/14 12:06pm

Three members of the Singularity University team will be chatting live at noon ET about the steps they're taking today to prepare for the singularity. Stop by and ask them anything. — Sponsored » 3/28/14 10:01am 3/28/14 10:01am

How Preparing for the Singularity in the Present Is Shaping the Future


We are living in an age of some truly grand challenges. Consider a few. Approximately 41 percent of men and women will develop cancer at some point during their lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. Sophisticated data breaches in 2013 resulted in over 57 million records exposed. Economic inequality is… » 3/27/14 12:03pm 3/27/14 12:03pm

Watch This Roadside Become a Battling Robot Spider Flipbook

No CGI. No green screen. Just some deft camera work, 760 frames of animation, and a speeding Subaru. That's how you turn a stretch of road into the world's biggest, robot spiderest flipbook. And here's how they did it: » 11/03/10 9:00pm 11/03/10 9:00pm

Panasonic CF-W7 Gets Subaru Impreza Styling

Super car inspired laptops are ten a penny, and despite their styling they rarely have anything special to offer. Panasonic's CF-W7 continues with the pointless aesthetic makeovers, but this time Subaru are getting in on the action. The CF-W7 will be limited to a production of 500 pieces, so if you are hot for Subaru… » 11/25/07 9:00am 11/25/07 9:00am

Subaru Deals in XM, Sirius

Subaru has decided not to lock itself into just one satellite radio contract for its 2007 vehicles and has signed agreements with both Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. » 2/10/06 9:49am 2/10/06 9:49am