Sputnik Ceiling-Mounted Subwoofer Looks Like a Turret of Sound

We've been playing too much Mass Effect, but these Sputnik Subwoofers look like mounted turrets that shoot lasers at you. Instead of lasers, these ceiling-dangling units shoot sound; deep, deep sound. Inside is a 12-inch passive subwoofer that can handle 1000 watts of continuous power directly at your face, provided… »12/03/07 3:50pm12/03/07 3:50pm

3.8-Kilowatt JL Audio Gotham G213 Subwoofer is The Mother of All Subs

The long-awaited Gotham Home Theater Subwoofer G213 from JL Audio is finally shipping, and judging from its formidable spec sheet, it might be worth the wait if you feel like simulating an earthquake that can be felt within a radius of a half-mile. Billed as "The Mother of All Subs," to call this a powered subwoofer… »10/01/07 1:30pm10/01/07 1:30pm

TwinMOS BooM1 iPod Speaker Dock Offers Big Boom, Takes Up Little Space (Except the Giant Sub)

TwinMOS's BooM1 speaker dock is a solution for those who want a big sound that takes up little space. Powered by two 8-watt speakers and a 25-watt subwoofer that offer a little more power than comparable speaker docks. While the name and design are eyebrow raising, it is the $199.99 price tag that really has us… »7/30/07 8:30pm7/30/07 8:30pm