States Are Lining Up to Investigate the AT&T-Mobile Deal

While no local governments have actually moved to prevent AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile USA, a whole bunch have started firing off subpoenas at both Ma Bell and Sprint, the deal's most vocal opponent. The nine states are requesting data related to antitrust investigations, which, hey, of course going from four major… » 7/12/11 5:25pm 7/12/11 5:25pm

Google's Getting Subpoenaed by the FTC in Antitrust Probe

The FTC is getting ready to serve Google with a subpoena in an emerging antitrust case against the search giant. There had been rumblings about a probe for the past few months, and the committee is now moving ahead with the investigation. » 6/23/11 3:20pm 6/23/11 3:20pm

Department of Justice Subpoenas Twitter Records of WikiLeaks Volunteers

The Department of Justice has subpoenaed many people's Twitter accounts who were associated with WikiLeaks. The subpoena states that there is "reasonable ground to believe that the records or other information sought are relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation." » 1/08/11 5:04am 1/08/11 5:04am