The Subtitles of Chinese Bootleg Movies Are Even More Unbelievably Hilarious Than We Thought

When we saw the subtitles of a bootleg copy of The Avengers, we couldn't believe how outrageous they were. The subtitles butchered the English language to the point that it felt like a whole different movie. Turns out, a lot of bootleg movies have subtitles that bad. Just check these out. »8/13/12 11:30pm8/13/12 11:30pm

Surreal DVD Subtitles Turn The Queen into Flight of the Conchords

A screening of The Queen for the hard of hearing turned into a farce after the movie was captioned with some of the most surreal subtitles ever seen. Viewers at the event, organised by Ryde Council in Australia, heard Prince Philip, the monarch's husband, claim that "people removed their heads" as he drove past and,… »2/26/08 7:57am2/26/08 7:57am