A Rechargeable LED Cork That Turns Empty Bottles Into Lamps

For many of us it will still be a few months before dinner parties on the back patio are feasible again—but there's no reason you can't start preparing now. A winter of heavy drinking has probably left you with a mountain of empty wine bottles that can now easily be repurposed as stylish lamps with these $15 LED corks. »2/09/14 9:00am2/09/14 9:00am

Reverse Graffiti Pen Lets You Clean Up the Same Streets You're Defiling

You can't be arrested for vandalizing your neighborhood when technically you're cleaning it up—right? That's the general idea behing the Grime Writer pen. It's an oversized felt tip marker that you crack open and fill with soapy water, instead of ink. So when you tag the side of a building, technically you're just… »9/26/12 4:20pm9/26/12 4:20pm

Glow In The Dark Graffiti Makes Street Art Rave-tastic

Every aspiring Banksy has run into the same problem at some point in time—he or she has defaced public property beautifully, but no one wandering the area at night can see it. With the power of design brand Suck UK's glow in the dark Graffiti, however, this quandary will affect the noble street artist no more. Now… »4/05/08 10:00pm4/05/08 10:00pm