Weird tiny fish has the strongest suction powers in the animal kingdom

The Northern Clingfish is one of the weirdest animals I've ever seen. It has a suction cup on its belly that can tightly hold onto anything, no matter how rough and irregular the surface is. The cup's grip is so strong that, if you had them on your hands, you would be able to climb a wet vertical rock wall—during a… »6/12/14 7:45pm6/12/14 7:45pm

Hitch Suction-Cup Belt Lets You Catch Free Rides, Dice with Death

Mixing suction-cups with the chance of a high-speed death: sounds like fun, and exactly what designer Robert Nightingale has come up with in his "Hitch" concept. It's a smidge like the free-ride skateboard Kouriers in Snow Crash »9/09/08 5:08am9/09/08 5:08am and a smidge like bad building-climbing gear from B-movies. The idea of Hitch is simply to…

NeverMore Putter Grip Retrieves Golf Balls By Sucking More Than You Do

There are very few gadgets out there today where saying "sucks balls" in the description is a compliment, but these putter grip replacements from NeverMore are one such example. The rubber grips replace your putter's normal grip, and allow you to retrieve a golf ball from the cup without bending over. They come in a… »4/27/08 6:30pm4/27/08 6:30pm