Man Climbs 60-Story Skyscraper With Suction Cups

Click to viewYesterday afternoon, "Skyscraper Man" Dan Goodwin, also known as Spider Dan, climbed the 58-story Millennium Tower in San Francisco to raise awareness for terrorism and cancer. Spider Dan's means of conveyance: suction cups, of course. » 9/07/10 9:01am 9/07/10 9:01am

Octopus Snatches Diver's Camera For Home Movie

Octopuses, it is generally agreed, are the sneakiest, most awesome animals in existence. They have magical camouflaging abilities and can squeeze through teeny holes. The latest octopus rascality: stealing a diver's video camera and shooting an undersea home movie. Updated » 4/17/10 2:13pm 4/17/10 2:13pm

Aquavee Swim System Makes Your Pool Infinitely Long

Products like the pool treadmill, the ExerSwim, and the Home Swimmer all provide a way for you to swim indefinitely in a home-sized pool without building a gigantic circular pool. » 7/23/07 5:30pm 7/23/07 5:30pm