Suissa Computers Introduces Wooden External HD

Who needs new and slick when you can have old and wooden? The Shadow hard drive from Suissa is a beautifully-made wooden 750GB external hard drive that faintly resembles something your grandmother would store jewelery in. Compatible with any computer, the inappropriately-named Shadow has four USB 2.0 ports that are… » 8/21/07 8:39pm 8/21/07 8:39pm

Suissa Computers: All-Wood Cases Elevate PCs to the Heirloom Level

Some of us banish our PCs to the basement, running long cables to them and keeping them and their noise away from us, but not Suissa Computers. Canadian designer Howard Suissa elevates the PC and its case to a level that almost resembles worship. » 9/29/06 9:54am 9/29/06 9:54am

What elegant craftsmanship! The PCs look like fine hand-made guitars.…