Heating Elements Inside this Suitcase Kill Stowaway Bed Bugs

If there's one souvenir you don't want to return from a trip with, it's bed bugs. Those little pests are a nightmare to eradicate, so someone has created the perfect luggage for travelers who frequent seedy hotels. The ThermalStrike suitcase heats up inside once you get home, ensuring your clothes are bed bug-free… » 9/24/14 4:50pm 9/24/14 4:50pm

This Self-Weighing Suitcase Gives a Running Total While You Pack

Self-weighing suitcases aren't a new idea, in fact, they've been available in stores for years now. But in order to actually weight the contents of your luggage, you need to zip the suitcase up and then lift the whole thing by the handle. To make things a whole lot easier, the TUL suitcase gives a running total of its… » 9/15/14 2:09pm 9/15/14 2:09pm

The Perfect Suitcase Keeps Your Smelly Laundry Sealed Off

When you're traveling, your suitcase can quickly go from a model of organization to a chaotic catch-all of clothing, souvenirs, and dirty laundry. But the makers of these Genius Pack suitcases and bags have found a better way to keep travelers perpetually organized, including a brilliant way to deal with laundry. » 3/25/14 2:40pm 3/25/14 2:40pm

Why Can't Luggage For Adults Be As Wonderful As This Robo-Bag?

There's an unwritten rule that luggage for adults has to have a fairly mundane and boring design. But when you're waiting at the luggage carousel and realize that everyone else had the same idea to buy a red suitcase to stand out, you realize there has to be a better way. And there is, it's just too bad the $40 Luggo » 7/15/13 6:20pm 7/15/13 6:20pm

Pre-Damaged Luggage Makes a Baggage Handler's Job So Much Easier

The staff at your local airport responsible for getting your bags onto a plane in a timely manner are particularly skilled at damaging and destroying even the most rugged of suitcases. So why not beat them to the punch with pre-distressed luggage that looks like it's already been through countless flights—at least two. » 2/05/13 4:00pm 2/05/13 4:00pm

Expanding Suitcase Compresses When Closed So It's Always Carry-On…

Cramming everything you need for a vacation or business trip into a carry-on friendly suitcase is the best way to avoid checked baggage fees. It's a refined skill that bag maker Briggs & Riley has just made a little easier with its Baseline luggage featuring a clever compression mechanism to ensure your bag always… » 8/01/12 11:20am 8/01/12 11:20am

This Suitcase's Shock-Absorbing Wheels Can Traverse the Roughest Terrain

Whether you're dragging your suitcase through the corridors at Heathrow, or across Alaska's frozen tundra, this custom-built carry-on can tackle any terrain with specially designed flexible shock-absorbing wheels. And that machined aluminum exo-skeleton frame looks pretty bad-ass too. » 5/10/12 3:20pm 5/10/12 3:20pm