You Can Be a Real Superhero With This Crazy Spider-Sense Robot Suit

Who doesn't want real-life superpowers? Unfortunately, getting yourself bitten by some kind of radioactive spider isn't really the best way to go about it. But thankfully, tech is here to resurrect your childhood hopes and dreams. University of Illinois' Victor Mateevitsi, for instance, has managed to bring… » 2/23/13 10:00am 2/23/13 10:00am

Apple Filed Misleading Evidence Against Samsung...Again

Just like they tweaked their evidence against Samsung with the Galaxy Tab, it looks like Apple has flubbed evidence regarding the Samsung Galaxy S too. They shrunk the image of the Samsung phone to look like the size of an iPhone, even though it's not. » 8/19/11 12:51pm 8/19/11 12:51pm

For the Love of God, Why Does the iPad Suit Still Exist?

Another year has passed, and another iPad has surfaced from the shadowy Cupertino mist. But you know what else has resurfaced? The iPad suit. Yep, Mohan's, the NYC tailoring outpost, is still offering to add an oversized "iPad pocket" to their suit coats, which is a perfectly good way to take the class out of that suit… » 3/04/11 12:20am 3/04/11 12:20am

Motorola Sues Apple Over Pretty Much Everything Phone-Related

That's the problem with making really nice visual representations of the almost comically litigious mobile industry; you're never more than a few hours away from another sweeping accusation of patent infringements. This time it's Motorola's turn, with three complaints against Apple that cover a whopping 18 patents. » 10/06/10 4:45pm 10/06/10 4:45pm

Microsoft Sues Motorola Over Android-Related Patents

Microsoft announced today that they're going after Motorola for patent infringement. Specifically, nine patents that Microsoft says Motorola's Android smartphones infringe on. Given that Microsoft's already gotten HTC to roll over based on similar claims, this could get very interesting. » 10/01/10 4:49pm 10/01/10 4:49pm

HP Suing Mark Hurd To Protect Trade Secrets

Mark Hurd, the former HP CEO who was ousted last month amidst allegations of sexual harassment, just got a new job title: Co-President of Oracle. Shortly thereafter, he got slapped with a civil complaint from his former employer who says that his new position will necessarily require him to divulge HP trade secrets: » 9/07/10 3:47pm 9/07/10 3:47pm

Kodak Goes After Apple and RIM On Patent Infringement

Kodak's been on the decline for some time, but they're showing some fight today with ITC complaints against Apple and RIM, and two full-on lawsuits against Apple in US District court. The issue, as always, is patents. » 1/14/10 10:38am 1/14/10 10:38am

Japanese Ice Suit Equips Ice Packs for Hot Tokyo Summers, Salarymen…

This "New Ice Suit" has integrated jacket icepacks, designed to alleviate some of the discomfort of Japanese salarymen who have to walking around scorching Japan streets during the summer. Looks like this newfangled ice technology isn't just for elite-level athletes anymore! » 6/16/09 6:30pm 6/16/09 6:30pm

Employees Not Getting Paid for Boot-Up Times, Sue Their Employers

For office drones at big companies such as AT&T, United Health Group and Cigna, booting up their computers at the start of the day and waiting for them to shut down takes some decent time. Like 20 minutes at the start and end of the day. And they sure don't like the fact that their weasely employers have decided to not… » 11/19/08 5:20pm 11/19/08 5:20pm

US Military Pretty Much Commissions a Real-Life Gordon Freeman Power…

The Office of Naval Research just threw a $1.6m grant at some UCSD researchers, to be used to build a "field hospital on a chip". The system will monitor a few biomarkers for deviations from safe levels, at which point it will automatically medicate its wearer » 11/04/08 8:20am 11/04/08 8:20am. While the military hopes that such a device could provide…