Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: The Finish and a New Record

The Finish: The Pegasus Open 50 sailboat just set the Transpac record of 7 days, 19 hours, 38 minutes and 35 seconds for a double handed monohull ship. Previous Record: 10 days, 4 hours and 4 minutes. » 7/13/09 12:55pm 7/13/09 12:55pm

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: Day 5/6 and the Moon

July 9, 5:30 PM PST Today we are living within the realm of Squalls. Squalls in the the Northeast sub-tropical Pacific are different. They are small, concentrated and powerful. The rain lasts ~20 minutes under them if you're stationary. » 7/10/09 12:19pm 7/10/09 12:19pm

Pegasus Open 50 Log: Finally, Through the Fog, a Sunset

July 8, 9:00 PM PST This is what a sunset looks like in the middle of the ocean, from a sailboat racing from California to Hawaii. » 7/09/09 1:18pm 7/09/09 1:18pm

Pegasus Open 50 Tour, Part 6: The Kitchen Sink

All food on the sailboat is heated on a pivoting stove that self rights to true down, no matter how much it's rocking. It's also the sink, which spits fresh or salt water. All food is vacuum bag sealed. » 7/09/09 5:59am 7/09/09 5:59am

Pegasus Open 50 Log: Day 4, Following the Low Pressure

July 8, 3:30 PM PST Pegasus has been chewing up the miles and we are very lucky for that. Our last two days were 305 and 295 nautical miles respectfully. » 7/08/09 10:43pm 7/08/09 10:43pm

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: Night 3, This is What Sailing in the…

July 8, 0:30 AM PST We are clearly entering the realm of the tradewinds. The natural path to Hawaii and it's rich seafarer's culture. » 7/08/09 1:11pm 7/08/09 1:11pm

Pegasus Open 50 Tour, Part 5: Internet, Sat Phones, Kevlar, Heaters

The Open 50 raceboat's cabin has three satellite phones, a kevlar roof to pass wireless signals through and even Ethernet. The tour continues here. » 7/08/09 5:00am 7/08/09 5:00am

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: IPhone Video, Endless Fog

Here's a clip, uploaded moments ago from the Pegasus Open 50 sailboat underway in the Transpac race, using an iPhone 3G S, Wi-Fi and Satellite uplink. » 7/07/09 8:39pm 7/07/09 8:39pm

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: Day 3

July 7, 4:50 AM PST A quiet and relatively slow night. Around 10 PM it became clear that the wind was backing off and that we were entering the "Pacific High doldrums ridging zone". » 7/07/09 3:41pm 7/07/09 3:41pm

The Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Tour, Part 4: Barometer, Autopilot, Wind…

For those interested in how sailboats work, Bruce Mahoney of Pegasus Racing continues his tour of the tech inside the Open 50 Raceboat. Here he starts into the cabin, where weather and navigation are handled (dryly, I might add). » 7/07/09 6:40am 7/07/09 6:40am

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: Day Two, Heading South and Kulani the…

July 6, 6:00 PM PST After we licked our wounds, we made sail changes all day. With just the two of us and a lot of sail area, each change is a major project. » 7/07/09 12:07am 7/07/09 12:07am

Pegasus Open 50 Sailboat Log: A Brief History of the Transpac Race

What's this sailing race about? The Transpac isn't the biggest sailboat race, but it's the longest of the two oldest. The first Transpac happened in 1906, less than a month after the great SF earthquake, forcing it to start from LA. » 7/06/09 5:39pm 7/06/09 5:39pm

The Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: Day/Night One

July 5th, 2:40PM PST, 2009, Catalina Islands: Right before the start, one hour on our way, our hydraulics failed. That's the system that helps cant the keel. It's a must have. » 7/06/09 2:39pm 7/06/09 2:39pm

The Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat: WTF is a Sailboat Doing on Gizmodo?

Why a boat? Because the Pegasus Open 50, is laden with mechanical and material technology. And the captain is the inventor of the camphone and founder of Borland, Philippe Kahn. He's liveblogging a race from California to Hawaii via Satellite. » 7/06/09 12:59pm 7/06/09 12:59pm

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Tour, Part 3: Turning, Emergency Hatches,…

Bruce Mahoney continues his tour of the Team Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat. If you like sailing and high performance vehicles, you'll get something out of this video. » 7/06/09 4:06am 7/06/09 4:06am

The Pegasus Open 50 Sailboat Log: Lucky Sextant and Heading for the…

On-board all of our equipment is state of the art. We'll use our GPS app to pin-point our position from the Start to the finish at Diamond Head. » 7/05/09 2:05pm 7/05/09 2:05pm

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Tour, Part 2: The Carbon Fiber Mast, Rigging…

Pegasus Team Operations Manager Bruce Mahoney continues his tour of the Open 50 race sailboat, picking up with how they mount the carbon fiber mast, the dagger boards, rigging material and sails. The boat crosses the starting line tomorrow! » 7/04/09 6:06pm 7/04/09 6:06pm