Lego Scenes Celebrate 2008 Olympic Summer Games with Star Wars Stormtroopers

It's no small secret that Lego holds a spot near and dear to many an editor here at Gizmodo, and if you somehow managed to combine those little blocks with Star Wars »8/24/08 5:00pm8/24/08 5:00pm and the 2008 Summer Olympics (concluding today), well, you'd have our attention faster than it takes to pull the legs off a minifig. Flickr member did…

RC Cars Are the Javelin Errand Boys of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

Track and Field athletes will probably roll their eyes at me for this one, but still I have to say I was amazed to see this little four-wheeled RC car scurrying across the field last night during the men's 5,000 meter race carrying javelins, and dammit, I wanted to write about it. After a little digging, I discovered… »8/24/08 4:00pm8/24/08 4:00pm