Mark Zuckerberg Drinking a Gatorade at a Beer Garden

Mark "IPO" Zuckerberg sure has a lot of friends—yesterday we saw him chomping sushi with some, and then there was that guy with the dog. But check him out now! Crushing a lemon Gatorade! Guys, it's party time. » 7/10/12 10:20am 7/10/12 10:20am

We'll Pay You for Photos of Mark Zuckerberg

For someone who doesn't believe in privacy, Mark Zuckerberg is awfully guarded. He has made Facebook public by default, and yet his own public posts are few, far-between, and tend towards the anodyne. Facebook's share-everything CEO even went so far as to keep his recent wedding a secret from his own friends,… » 6/21/12 2:00pm 6/21/12 2:00pm