There Is Probably Nothing More Fun Than This Giant Slip 'N Slide

How was your summer? Good? Spent some time at the beach? Get a little tan? Whatever because it's about to look so pathetic next to this humungous slip 'n slide. Just look at this monster. It flings you into the air so you can fly and twirl and spin and somersault and twist and enjoy freaking life. Everyone's life… »9/28/13 1:00am9/28/13 1:00am

10 Lifehacks That Will Make Your Summer Even More Awesome

Summer was always great growing up because it meant no school. Summer is still great now because of barbecues, pool parties, the beach, outdoor bars, watermelon, hot dogs, chips, popsicles and the fact that we don't have school anymore. But did you know you can make summer even GREATER by using these lifehacks from… »7/25/13 8:00pm7/25/13 8:00pm

The Five Biggest Myths About Saving Energy in the Summer

This summer has already set temperature records around the nation, and we're still in the dog days of August. With money tight, and temperatures high, there's a temptation to test out unconventional ways to beat the the heat. But these odd home remedies can end up wasting energy and costing more money. Here's how to… »8/13/12 2:20pm8/13/12 2:20pm

Only the One Percent Can Burn Their Money on This Hoity Toity Hammock

There's nothing quite like languishing in a hammock, drifting off to sleep with a glass of iced tea in your hand. Close your eyes for a second and picture the lovely La Seóra Hammock on the terrace of your luxury villa in St. Tropez, right next to the infinity pool. As you gaze out over the bright blue ocean, you… »7/25/12 9:00pm7/25/12 9:00pm

Sleeping in a Geodesic Dome Is the Only Way I Want to Camp

The Geodesic dome was first invented by Buckminster Fuller as part of his vision of a better tomorrow. While the world did not adopt his solution for a shelter that maximized volume while using minimum amounts of material, the dome has maintained a cult-following. One such example of that is a British farm that lets… »7/01/12 4:00pm7/01/12 4:00pm

Curly Hot Dog Roasters: A More Refined Take on Your Childhood Summers

June! The month your parents banished you to sleepaway camp as a kid. You'd learn how to waterski, tell ghost stories, and cook hot dogs over the fire using a bent wire coat hanger. Though you're not exactly packing up your trunk, you can still char your weiners on at your next backyard barbecue with these curly hot… »6/25/12 5:00pm6/25/12 5:00pm