Anyone Can Check Out Sundance's 12 Best Short Films on YouTube

Sundance is where the artsy filmmakers of the world go to show off their excellence and prove that everyone is paying attention to them. But Sundance isn't just about big indie flicks—the best up-and-coming filmmakers are sometimes hiding in the sub-10-minute short film category. It's also where you can see some of… » 1/22/13 1:40pm 1/22/13 1:40pm

Sundance Teardrop is Stylish, but Still a Trailer

More than just a glorified tin can on wheels, the Teardrop trailer from Sundance is a little pocket of retro heaven - provided your pockets are deep enough to afford the wonga needed to snap one of these up. With an aluminum exterior and maple interior, the 1,000-lb trailer has a whole heap of things inside -… » 7/10/07 3:45am 7/10/07 3:45am

HD DVD Walking Tightrope But Still Moving Forward

While it seems that the HD DVD gang has been on a wobbly tightrope for years, surrounded by jeering Blu-ray supporters like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, it sometimes feels like HD DVD could stay on that tightrope for a very long time. Last week we reported that it's finally rolling out the long promised support for… » 7/03/07 5:30pm 7/03/07 5:30pm