NASA Scales Up 1966's Moon Image to Amazing Ultra-High Resolution

When NASA released this image from their Lunar Orbiter 1 back in 1966, the first photograph ever of the Earth rising above the Moon's surface, it was low resolution but they still amazed the world. This week, they have surprised every space aficionado re-releasing the same image in ultra-high definition. The cool part… »11/16/08 9:19pm11/16/08 9:19pm


Awesome F-35B Video Shows US Marines Already Have Transformers

While we have seen glimpses of how the F-35B-the short take-off vertical landing variant of the F-35 Lightning II »10/12/08 11:24pm10/12/08 11:24pm-works, here's an amazingly detailed video showing its transforming capabilities in flight, which was posted anonymously in YouTube last week. According to Flight Global, this sophisticated war…