Energy Seed Concept Is Smart Way to Collect Spent Batteries

I threw away two batteries yesterday. I know, I know—it's almost the same as chopping down like five old-growth oak trees or something, but it was just so damn easy » 10/10/08 7:20pm 10/10/08 7:20pm. And what else are you gonna do with dead batteries? That's exactly why I am jazzed about this Energy Seed concept by Sungwoo Park. You collect all the…

A Playing Card Concept Remote

This remote control design is inspired by a deck of playing cards, with two card-shaped halves that slide in different directions. By gripping it and sliding it up and down you can change your TV's volume, and a twisting gesture changes channels or tracks on your DVD. Designer Sungwoo Park has gone for clean white… » 1/22/08 6:13am 1/22/08 6:13am