Nanoparticle Panels Will Bring Blue Skies Indoors

Skylights are so 1986. Now it doesn't matter if the weather outside is dark and dreary, or even if it's midnight, for that matter: Thanks to this LED panel which replicates cloudless skies, you'll feel like you're bathed in warm sunshine. » 4/23/14 4:45pm 4/23/14 4:45pm

Watch Focused Sunlight Melt Steel, Rock, and Anything Else

Anyone who ever set fire to ants using a magnifying glass: first of all, shame on you! Second of all, you're going to love this. Sunlight, focused intensely enough that it can (and does) burn any material on earth. » 11/24/10 9:20am 11/24/10 9:20am

Sun-Powered DIY Project List to Geek Out the Rest of Your Summer

While this Lifehacker list of the top 10 DIY sun-powered projects won't be much help here in Boston (where we literally saw the Sun three times in June), you may find some use for it in your sunny neck of the woods. [Lifehacker] » 7/19/09 11:30am 7/19/09 11:30am

Freestyle Solar-Powered Watch Draws 12 Months of Energy From One Sunny…

Most of us now check the time using cellphones, but there's still a stalwart few that insist on wearing watches. With the Freestyle solar watch, they can cling to old technology while being eco-friendly. » 2/19/09 3:30am 2/19/09 3:30am

First Blu-ray BD Profile 1.1 Review (Verdict: Is That All?)

Click to viewThe Players: Panasonic DMP-BD30 ($500) and Sony PlayStation 3 with 2.1 firmware ($400 to $500)

The Movies: Fox's Sunshine and Sony Pictures' Resident Evil: Extinction

The Challenge: To find out what's so special about Blu-ray's BD Profile 1.1, also known as Full Standard Profile or just simply… » 1/04/08 1:00am 1/04/08 1:00am

Concept Sunshine Pillow Brightens Your Day

Here in the northeast the sun all but disappears during the wintertime, leaving kind-hearted citizens such as myself grasping at all sources of artificial light just to keep sane. If only this sunshine pillow were available sooner, those long winter doldrums wouldn't have been so...dull. » 5/25/06 3:24pm 5/25/06 3:24pm