Super AMOLED Screen'd Galaxy Tab Shown Off by Samsung

Reports of the original, TFT-LCD Galaxy Tab soon being superseded are correct—Samsung has released the first image of the Super AMOLED-sporting tablet. It's the same size, at 7-inches, and has a slightly-increased 1200x600 resolution. [OLED-Display] » 11/10/10 2:50am 11/10/10 2:50am

Tablets With 7-Inch Super AMOLED Screens Likely Coming Next Year From…

See that tablet weeping into its ports? Yeh, that's the Galaxy Tab, suddenly threatened after Mommy Samsung announced production of 7-inch AMOLED screens today, for their own products but other companies' wares, too. » 11/03/10 8:47am 11/03/10 8:47am

Why Did Samsung Use Super TFT Instead of Super AMOLED for Its Galaxy…

Even though the TFT screen was mentioned the first time we heard (however unofficial) of the presence of a Samsung tablet, it was still disappointing to see there wasn't actually a Super AMOLED in the final product. But why not? » 9/06/10 10:45am 9/06/10 10:45am

Screen Comparison Shows LCD Still Beats Super AMOLED In Sunlight

Samsung's Super AMOLED screens have caused quite a stir lately, and as this video comparison shows, it certainly handles direct sunlight better than an AMOLED screen. When put next to an LCD though, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference. » 6/21/10 1:20pm 6/21/10 1:20pm

Samsung's Super AMOLED Tablet Said To Be Called the S-Pad

Last seen in the mid-range Wave S8500 phone, Samsung's SUPER AMOLED screen is said to be used in their S-Pad tablet, which will have embedded 3G connectivity and ebooks galore when it supposedly goes on sale this August. » 5/04/10 6:28am 5/04/10 6:28am