Top 10 Super Bowl Ads, According to TiVo Eavesdroppers

Whether we like it or not, TiVo receives second-by-second audience measurement data about what its users watch, and that was no exception during Sunday's Super Bowl. That's how the company came up with its top 10 list of commercials, as measured by the amount of trick play features (rewind, fast-forward, and pause of… »2/06/07 2:45pm2/06/07 2:45pm


Win a $100,000 Diamond Encrusted Pepsi Can to Decorate Your Refrigerator

The Super Bowl is coming up on February 4th, and along with it all those ludicrous promotions, including this $100,000 Super Bowl Edition Pepsi can. It's inspired by the coveted Super Bowl ring worn by the winners of the big game, and it's made of solid sterling silver with dozens of diamonds, rubies and sapphires… »1/16/07 3:54pm1/16/07 3:54pm