Super Falcon Sub Flies With Fishes

NBC took the $1.5 million Super Falcon for a cool spin, the flying submarine that can maneuver in any direction without the help of ballast tanks. I'd like to try the non-cockpit version, but this looked fun. Until it broke. » 8/24/09 8:20pm 8/24/09 8:20pm

The Deep Flight Super Falcon Sub is Actually a Private Airplane for the…

I'd never been envious of Tom Perkins' giant sailboat, the Maltese Falcon, until it received a deployable submarine in its belly. The sub, called the Deep Flight Super Falcon, is a 21-foot electric vehicle, bringing aerodynamic principles to the sea. » 7/14/09 9:30pm 7/14/09 9:30pm

The $1.3 Million Deep Flight Super Falcon Flying Submarine

The Deep Flight Super Falcon is a flying submarine that can't really fly. Not that it matters for anyone without $1.3 million to spare, but the "fly" part refers to the way it dives. » 3/23/09 8:40pm 3/23/09 8:40pm