Wake Up To the Super Mario Bros. Theme With This Alarm Clock

Despite an absolutely tiny and almost unreadable LED display used for the actual clock, there's nothing not to love about this Super Mario Bros. alarm clock that NCSX is soon selling for just $24. Available in either a Mario or Luigi sprite version, the question block cubes on the base are used to set the time and the… » 1/12/15 11:13am 1/12/15 11:13am

Video: Super Mario Bros. edited into real life to ruin people's lives

I'm a horrible person who always laughs when people fail in YouTube videos. This collection of fails made me laugh even harder because it's been perfectly edited to splice in Mario and Luigi from Nintendo as the evil invisible force who cause all these screw ups in real life. » 11/13/14 1:47am 11/13/14 1:47am

This Lego Super Mario Bros aquarium is the coolest aquarium of all time

Kelsey Kronmiller, a graphic designer, designed this amazing LEGO aquarium, which is about 90% done and "entirely coated in "Krylon Fusion," a clear enamel recommended by aquarists to protect fish." I love all the little details. This is such a cute build and totally makes me want to build a Lego aquarium. » 7/18/14 11:23pm 7/18/14 11:23pm

Famous Surrealist Art Amazingly Reimagined with Super Mario Bros

René Magritte's art is famous for tickling your brain, making you question and helping you dissolve the line of what's real and what matters. You can recognize Magritte's work and influence anywhere but can you imagine it as Super Mario Bros? The artist Racoonda has re-created paintings from Magritte by putting them… » 7/26/13 1:00am 7/26/13 1:00am

Theremin Musician Plays the Super Mario Bros. Theme

Watching videos of NES enthusiasts playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on weird stuff is always fun, and here's one of musician Randy George on the theremin. What's a theremin? It's a Russian invention that's also one of the earliest electronic musical instruments ever created. Players move their hands around the… » 8/09/08 11:00am 8/09/08 11:00am

Nintendo Physically Augmented Reality Amusement Park

Our second favorite class from when we were in grad school at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program was taught by game designer Frank Lantz of area/code. The best project—certainly the most copyright infringing one—to come out of his Big Games class this past semester might just be the Nintendo Amusement Park,… » 5/19/06 2:49pm 5/19/06 2:49pm