Super Mario Galaxy Wii Mod Makes the Stars Mushroom With Delight

There's little we've said about our modder buddy Ramon that we haven't already said back when he made the Zelda, Samus, Rockstar and Clerks Wii mods. This guy is talented AND he has good aesthetic taste—something not commonly found with modders. This time he's auctioning off this one-of-a-kind Super Mario Galaxy Wii… » 4/15/08 9:00am 4/15/08 9:00am

Super Mario Galaxy Coming to a DS Near You?

OK, hear us out. We know this video is a few days old, but we just spotted it, and we think it is remarkably well done. The video shows a potential Super Mario Galaxy for the DS, and although we are inclined to believe it's a fake, Camp Gizmodo is a little divided. Check the video out and then jump to see what we… » 12/16/07 12:40pm 12/16/07 12:40pm