Second Gen LG Hybrid HD Optical Drives (GGW-H20LI and GGC-H20LI)

The Deal: LG's new Super Multi Blue drives include lightscribe for etching on discs, and HD disc compatibility on both HD DVD and Blu-ray, along with read/write for DVD, CD, and read only for HD-DVD-ROM. The GGW drive is ~$500 and can also do 6x recording on Blu-ray discs, which is about 32 minutes for a 50GB double… »7/19/07 9:45pm7/19/07 9:45pm


Hitachi-LG Brings Blu-ray and HD DVD Together in Combo Drive

Considering they had the first 4x Blu-ray burner, we're not too shocked Hitachi-LG is also claiming dibs on the first combo Blu-ray/HD DVD drive for your PC. The wonderfully named GGW-H10N Super Multi Blue will playback, read, and record single and dual-layer Blu-ray discs (at 4x or 3.5x) and it'll also have the… »3/13/07 10:08am3/13/07 10:08am