Former NASA Engineer Turned Super Soaker Inventor Just Got Very Rich

Lonnie Johnson's having a good week. The former NASA engineer just won $73 million in a royalties dispute with the toymaker Hasbro for inventing the Super Soaker, the coolest toy you ever had growing up. The lawsuit also covered royalties for Nerf which Johnson also masterminded because he is awesome. » 11/07/13 11:01am 11/07/13 11:01am

This Super Soaker Uses Magazines to Reload

My Super Soaker of yore wouldn't stand a chance against this beast of a weapon. Called the Thunderstorm, this new Super Soaker only costs $15 (cheap enough to dual-wield) and is battery-powered for automatic shooting (which requires no pumping). But perhaps most awesomely, it uses magazines to reload itself. That way… » 5/03/11 3:20pm 5/03/11 3:20pm

Super Soaker Inventor Working on Way To Harvest Heat From Humans…

Who didn't like Super Soakers as a kid? You pump it a lot, it builds pressure, then it shoots liquid. In many ways, they were very similar to humans, which is why Lonnie Johnson, its inventor, is looking for ways to use harvest waste heat from humans to power a tiny Johnson system. The full name is the Johnson… » 2/08/08 3:30pm 2/08/08 3:30pm