SuperSpeed USB (or USB 3.0) Now Being Certified and Coming Soon

Could the wait for USB 3.0 actually be over soon? The USB Implementers Forum launched the certification and compliance program for its SuperSpeed USB (better known a s USB 3.0) products today. Manufacturers can now have their products tested and if they receive SuperSpeed USB certification they will get the new logo… »9/01/09 4:40pm9/01/09 4:40pm

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Spec Finalized: It's Fast

We already know most of what there is to know »11/17/08 12:00pm11/17/08 12:00pm about USB 3.0—officially dubbed SuperSpeed USB—but today it's officially set in stone. To recap, with transfer speeds of 4.8Gbps, it'll dump a 25GB HD file in about 70 seconds, and the architecture has been beefed up with extra data lanes to make for more sustained, rather…

Intel Stumps Up With USB 3.0 Specs, Makes Them Royalty-Free

As we reported they would last year, Intel has published a draft specification for the next-gen connection system, USB 3.0. The v0.9 eXtensible Host Controller Interface specs are designed to allow hardware developers to steal a march on developing next-gen interfacing gizmos ahead of the final certification of the… »8/14/08 7:22am8/14/08 7:22am