Could We Build Electricity-Storing Houses Out of Supercapacitors?

What's your wall doing right now—holding up your posters? Being leaned against by the bookshelf? What about storing the energy that powers all your kitchen appliances? New research into structural supercapacitors, which can withstand the stress and vibrations of bearing weight, could eventually inspire such an… »6/03/14 5:40pm6/03/14 5:40pm


Hype Bubbling Back Up for EEStor's State-of-the-Art-Defying Battery Killer

The hype for EEStor's mythical battery-killing, capacitor-based technology that we've been hearing about for a while keeps coming, re-ringing promises of, for instance, a five-minute plug-in time for a car to make a 500-mile trip. Naturally, details on how EEStor has managed to accomplish a feat academics have been… »9/05/07 9:45am9/05/07 9:45am