How a Supercomputer Helps Fight Flies That Ravage Crops for 700 Million People

Ever hear of whiteflies? They’re the color of snowflakes and practically as tiny, but they’re global plant-killers. One of their favorite snacks is the cassava, a root that’s a crucial staple food for 700 million people worldwide. But one computational biologist and her team are on a mission to save the cassava from… »10/16/15 10:30am10/16/15 10:30am

This Cocktail Concocted By IBM's Watson Isn't Half Bad

The surreal strength of IBM's famous supercomputer, Watson, is now available to the public (for a fee). And to mark the occasion, the company threw a little party last week and served a very blue cocktail. Naturally, I whipped up my own slight variation when I got back to the office. I call it the Big Blue Hurricane. »9/05/14 5:00pm9/05/14 5:00pm

The Quantum D-Wave 2 Is 3,600 Times Faster than a Super Computer

Quantum computing is being hailed as the future of data processing, with promises of performing calculations thousands of times faster than modern supercomputers while consuming magnitudes less electricity. And in the span of just two years the only commercially available quantum computer, the D-Wave One, has already… »3/04/14 11:40am3/04/14 11:40am

An 83,000-Processor Supercomputer Can Only Match 1% of Your Brain

You've undoubtedly heard over and over again about what an absurdly complex entity the human brain is. But a new breakthrough by Japanese and German scientists might finally drive the point home. Taking advantage of the almost 83,000 processors of one of the world's most powerful supercomputers, the team was able to… »8/06/13 5:20pm8/06/13 5:20pm

How a Supercomputer May Have Finally Unlocked a Way to Beat HIV

There's no easy answer for HIV; the sly virus uses our own immune cells to its advantage and mutates readily to shrug off round after round of anti-retrovirals. But thanks to the efforts researchers from the University of Illinois and some heavy-duty number crunching from one of the world's fastest petaflop… »5/31/13 3:06pm5/31/13 3:06pm